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    Welcome to imprint-X's discussions forum!

    Here you can share solutions for harder puzzles or ideas for features, puzzles, or worlds you would like to see in the future! ☺

    Some FAQ:

    Where can I buy imprint-X?
    In our awesome store: https://morgondag.io/store

    On which platforms is the game available?
    Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android!

    Is there a fast way to restart levels?
    Pressing "R" while in a level will restart it directly!

    What are hearts?
    You receive hearts when completing levels or by finding them in-game. They can be used to activate power-ups

    What are the three power-ups?
    1. Slowdown Time - Time will move slower and timing based puzzle or bosses will be easier to manage.
    2. Functions Refill - You refill your functions for one level.
    3. Star - You complete the level. This is used to skip bosses or levels.

    Do I need to finish all the levels in a world?
    No, to progress you only need to complete the last boss in each world.

    How do I perfect a level?
    You only use the exact function calls required to beat the level.

    How do I perfect a world?
    If you want a perfect world you need to beat all the levels and bosses in that world. The levels must also be beat perfectly.

    Will there be more levels in the future?

    I found a translation error!
    *Translations are crowd sourced! If you want to edit a translation, do it over here!

    Is the boss world randomized?
    The procedurally generated boss world creates new patterns and sequences every time you enter. All the other bosses have handcrafted patterns that are the same each play-through.