When reporting game bugs

  • Developer

    In order for us at Morgondag to effectively fix any bugs please help us help you, by writing a as informative report as possible.

    Please try to include the following:

    Title: What OS you're running and a general short title.

    Problem: Explain the bug or the problem.

    Platform: What platform are you on?

    How to reproduce: How did this bug come to be? is there any general steps to reproduce it?

    Expected result: What was supposed to happen?

    Additional information:
    Any general information you think might help us.

    Here is an example:
    Title: [Linux] Moving mouse rotates the map!
    Problem: When i scroll the mouse wheel the map in the over-world view is rotated in Z axis!
    Platform: Linux - Ubuntu 14.05
    How to reproduce: Open options then go back to over-world, then go back to options, press ESC and then scroll, the bug now flips the camera.
    Expected result: Z-axis should not be affected by the mouse movement!
    Additional information: I'm running the latest patch, i just cleared world 2 i have a broken USB mouse with inverted movement.